What MHMT Students get up to in lockdown.

Cormac Diamond & Sandro Shargorodsky

Video by Callum Kunchur

This song was written bearing many of the ideas and techniques I had learned at my two MHMT experiences in mind. After coming up with the original melody, I knew there was one thing it needed – the silky skills of Sandro’s piano playing, that had blown us all away last summer – which did not disappoint! 

It’s been a lot of fun to make – hope you enjoy it!


This video is quite wonderful. These are the people that we like to teach and nurture.
Cormac and Sandro were students at the MHMT Summer school last year, 2019.
We were hoping that we would see them back this year, 2020, but you know what happened.
Hopefully, they will be back with us next year for us to further their musical education.
I’m impressed but not surprised. I hope you feel the same.

Laurie Holloway

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