Summer School 2021




To develop your voice or improve your instrumental skills.
To develop your performance skills
To appreciate the importance of stage presence
How to use sound effectively
Improve your confidence personally and in performance
Appreciate the highs and lows within the music industry
To increase your enjoyment of performing


Music Director: Laurie Holloway MBE Academic Director: Gillian Dibden MBE

Since 1996 The Montgomery Holloway Music Trust (MHMT) has helped to showcase over 500 young performers – both singers and Instrumentalists. The vast majority of the student’s first contact with us is via the ANNUAL SUMMER SCHOOL.


We make no secret of the fact that we are looking for young people with a special talent and whilst you may have taken Music Grades what we want to hear is YOU, with or without Grades. We know there are young people who just enjoy performance and with help from the training we can give will develop even further. Our REVISED selection policy for potential students’ NEW or PREVIOUS is to offer auditions at a time most convenient to you. Geographically if this is not possible then a CD/tape/DVD would be acceptable. Our preferred age range is 16 to 25 although we will consider slightly younger or older students depending on circumstance, ability and need. A reference from your Teacher, either School or Performance Centres, will also be helpful. MHMT caters for all types and styles of music both for singers and instrumentalists.


The Summer School runs from Monday to Friday finishing with a Students Concert on Saturday. Monday to Friday we operate at Highfield School, West Road, Maidenhead, 9-30am to 5pm. Highfield School is in easy walking distance of Maidenhead Station and has reasonable parking. The Saturday Concert is at Norden Farm Arts Centre Theatre. If you come from afar we may be able to help find B&B accommodation.

Fees are £300 for the week inclusive. There are no additional charges although you will need to be self-sufficient at Lunch Time and meet your own travel costs. Tea, Coffee and Biscuits are provided during breaks.


We have a Bursary Fund which operates to assist those students who may find the fees difficult to find in part or in total. It is our proud claim that we have NEVER turned away a student because of an inability to find the full fee. Applications for a Bursary are kept strictly confidential.


Music Director – Laurie Holloway MBE
Academic Director – Gillian Dibden MBE
2 Professional Trios – Laurie Holloway Trio with Dave Olney on bass and Harold Fisher on Drums.
                                        Ed Rice (piano) Eric Ford Drums and Stuart Barker Bass.
3 Professional Singing Tutors – Trudy Kerr and Jessica Radcliffe and Gillian Dibden.
Professional Instrumental Tutors recruited to meet needs of students.


The Musical Director, Laurie Holloway MBE, and the Academic Director, Gillian Dibden MBE, open up the Seminar on Monday Morning. Laurie and his Trio will be on duty the whole of the week and a second professional Trio will join us from Tuesday. There will be three professional and performing singing tutors including Gillian Dibden and Instrumental tutors brought in depending on need.

The students are divided into groups for master classes and other related musicianship. Individual tuition is also given.

On the Monday Morning we all stay together. Gillian introduces everybody to everybody and outlines the time table from Monday to Thursday. Then the students work with Laurie’s trio performing a piece of choice. This is to give the Tutors a feel for the work ahead and to break the ice and develop the course spirit. Everyone will be nervous not just you.

During the week the time table is flexible enough to allow any changes should they be necessary. However the start times NEVER change and punctuality is an expectation. On the Thursday evening there will be a chance to perform in a local venue to get a first feel of progress and performance then on the Saturday it is Student Concert time at Norden Farm.

We keep Friday flexible. Part of Friday morning is usually given over to a visiting celebrity talking about their show business experiences and final preparations time for the Concert on Saturday.

The course fee is £300. A deposit of £100 is required on acceptance with the balance to be paid by the first day. We understand that circumstances can change and therefore the deposit will be refunded if ill health or other unforeseen circumstances arise which stops you from attending. Bursaries are available for excpetional students who would otherwise be unable to attend due to financial restrictions.

Each Student will receive a professionally recorded DVD of their performance with the Laurie Holoway Trio Live at Nordon Farm
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